Best Way to Pick a Server Admin?

Ok so I have had a server for the past few weeks and recently in the past few days I have had to take away Admin power for 3 Admins on separate occasions for Admin abuse and people are talking about abusive Admins and leaving the server. I need a way to see if I can really trust an Admin before I promote them. They all started as mods and normally I would have time to develop trust but right now its just me (owner) and two moderators that I just got today. I need to get an Admin I can trust because I can’t be on the server all the time. Any ideas?

On our server we have the same problem, welcome to the club sadly. It’s myself an a moderator. There are only so many players on the server and then of those only so many that come across as committed and trustable. I don’t think there’s a shortcut to adding people to Mod and Admin roles.

The best way I’ve found is to try and get some out of game communication or chat with the player. Find out who they are, chat to them on Steam voice or Vent etc. Do they have twitter, blog, Facebook, other accounts? Assigning an Admin is no less about building a trusted friendship as it is having someone to do tech stuff for you.

Hope your search goes well.



Tip: they may be an admin but never give out your rcon pass , I suggest using a mod such as oxide