Best way to record HD?

What is the best way to record Garry’s Mod in HD?
I’ve tried Source Recorder… and Fraps eewwwww

Source Recorder is the best.

Source Recorder is surely the best, but Fraps will work.

i use fraps and zd soft game recorder

Make sure you set your game resolution to a proper HD size.


And i agree with the others, source recorder if you can’t record at atleast 30 FPS with fraps

Source Recorder eats up hard drive space - make sure you have at least 50 gigs free if you are recording a lot of footage.

at least a resolution of 1280X1024 or vise vera. Because the resolution for HD youtube videos are 1280X720, so you will just have to crop out the top and bottom part of the screen.

Fraps is great if you have a good computer. There is no point in recording with shitty graphics because no one wants to see low graphics setting and low FPS. It hurts the eyes.

WeGame, if you have a good enough computer.

Uhh, Just run in 1280x720, that way you won’t get cropped bits or a screwed up aspect ratio.

screwed up aspect ratio? look at this…

I made this video with 1280x1024 and it looks amazing. Give me a video you have done in that aspect ratio…

Considering that 1280x720 is the actual resolution of a 720i/p display, that would be the optimal one to record at, cropping the footage is moronic, and isn’t “true” HD for that reason. The aspect ratio is hardly screwed up.