Best way to serve content to players?

What is the best way to give content to players? I am currently using FastDL for the map and the workshop for everything else (15+ models, tdm ect) but it seems players join times are quite long because it checks every workshop addon before letting them in.

What are the pros and cons of using workshop or fastdl or collections?

FastDL won’t make the players check every addon before joining, that’s WorkshopDL.
And as for your question, I’m not that familiar with collections but I’m sure someone else will give you pros/cons of that, but FastDL, however:


  • Players only have to download custom content once
  • Other than the first time joining the server - Players will retrieve server info then immediately send client info (i.e. - Joining without downloading anything)
  • First time joining the server will be substantially long

another advantage of fastdl is that you don’t need to include content that isn’t used but still exists in the pack