best weapon base?

I’m tired of every weapon being made on either bob’s base, or a shitty custom base.

I want a base to build my own weapons from. It can be very basic, I just need something I can start with. With iron sights at least.\

I would create my own, but I’m very new to Lua. I’d rather have a pre-created base, so I can build from.

So what’s the best weapon BASE to you guys? Let me know guys! :slight_smile:

CW 2.0.

If you want something simpler, try the PTP base. It has simple ironsights and a few other stuff, but it’s ridiculously simple.

Try the regular lua weapon and build a very basic weapon from scratch!

I don’t like all of the attachments. I understand that you can make a weapon with no attachments, however, with the context menu still open the CW 2.0 menu?

You can disable it, I myself made edited the CW 2.0 base to my needs, mostly just a few small hacks to fix things I found annoying or didn’t like, and added a suffix to the end of the base and used that one.

How would I go about disabling the attachments in new weapons?

I’m releasing one soon that’s very simple to use and acts the same between singleplayer and multiplayer. Also supports multiple view models in a very easy-to-manage way.

I heard this in the SUP’s TS3.

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