Best Zombie SENT script??

Hi all, not sure if this is in the right board or not.

I’m running an RP zombie apocalypse server, with zombies like those in the 28 series (28 days later, 28 weeks later). The runny crazy human type of zombie.

Now alls good and fine with everything except the zombies.

How unfortunate, a zombie server without zombies.

I’ve tried many different sents’ (My own also) for a zombie that will chase the player across the map, yet none seem to work. Most of them seem to only notice me from a few meters away, even with a clear line of sight.

To spawn them i am using the DarkRP ZombieMod (Modified to spawn the custom zombies and faster, with updated locations so they don’t go all stacky), the zombies spawn fine in their little hordes, but after that they just stand around until someone gets to ten meters or so, then they have a little spaz at them and kill them.

The download page said the zombies would track across the map (using AddTask( “FindEnemy”, { Class = “player”, Radius = 2000 } ) ) but they do not, i’ve tried increasing the radius to higher and higher numbers, yet the still only react to short range.

So i ask this,

What is the best zombie SENT you have seen that will hunt you down no matter where you hide?

Also, but not important, i would prefer ones with models different to that of the normal zombie (It doesn’t matter if they are not, i can change the model myself, i’m just stumped on the script…)

Map is RP_City11_Night_V1B
Mods are ULX, DarkRP (modified)
Attempted SENTs for zombies have been: < Currently using and works best (10 meters view…) < Same effect as above… < not great at all

Why not just use redead?
That is, if it still works

We need a simple zombie mod thats fun. like, where the zombies move slow, and players are not zombies. but the zombies dont die, the people just have to survive for o so long. like, also being able to build barriers with a buy menu and money limit

I also needed a zombie sent that lets me use a custom model. I have a model that has the correct animations, can someone please find/make such a script?

Note that no zombie will be able to chase you if you map is not npc noded.

Ok, i’ll give redead a try, thanks for the suggestion!

Ah! That slipped my mind completely, thanks quebec!

Try that. It may or may not work.

Well, If somebody gave me the vmf files for the maps they want noded, I could easily node them. It’s not really that difficult.

Do zombies have wakeradius flags or is that only for combines?