Beta 13 Activation

I’ve got an activation code for Gmod v13 BETA and when I tried to activate it in Steam it said that it was an invalid code.

How do I then activate it? Have I activated it right?


Henrik Sønstebø

If it wasn’t sent directly to you, then it’s likely been activated already.

Yup it was sent directly to me, and steam says that it was invalid, not used before.

Who send it to you? (Just to be sure it isn’t someone trying to prank you or something), and when I emailed their support they asked me to make a thread here…

Btw, It is free, so if you want to get one to see if it is at least the right format of the code, I would be glad!

Erm, I doubt it can be legal for them to sell unlicensed beta keys.

Since afaik garry never gave out keys for sell or sold them himself.

Implying you bought one, however you been screwed over.

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Also I can’t find any place to obtain a key either.

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Oh god, this site is horribly broken. What the fuck?

What you could’ve really done is asked Garry the moment the beta started. Also I hope you’re a legitimate Garry’s Mod owner. He probably wouldn’t let you if you don’t own the game.

And having “STEAM_0:0:27964000” leads nowhere to your profile. I googled it and you seemed to be an administrator on SammyServer.

Could have used a converter. leads to who has the game.

Shatteredcrystal deals ONLY in MMO gametime codes and items.

OP is trolling.

is this a bad attempt at trying to get one or are you just really dumb