Beta access

Hi! Its the second time i visit this website, i just saw rust for 3 days ago and tought that this game is pretty good looking, and i want to try it out. Ive been checking on the forums about the beta keys and stuff and just wondering how to get the gold membership, well i know that gold members are long time accounts, but i mean what does it require to get this gold member access so i can finally play the game?

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - MaxOfS2D))

Someone wrote that you cant get access to be Gold Member at the moment.

Oh. but is that something i have to wait for or why is that so?

Can’t help you with that. Sorry buddy

Please stop begging for keys.

WTF are you talking about?

If you read up on the forums as you claim, you’d know that having a gold membership won’t guarantee you a key at all.

Enter the drawing contest to get a shot at a key or perhaps a streamer or youtuber might have one over for a giveaway.

Damnit people.

Allso, I’m pretty sure you can buy gold membership but it has been disabled temporarly due to it being abused only to get rust beta keys.

are you serious? i only want the gold member why are you jiddering about a freaking beta key i just gave a tip… -.-

God I hate people sometimes.

Stop troll. You wrote in your initial post “but i mean what does it require to get this gold member access so i can finally play the game?”

yea i meant that by getting the gold member i can maybe get a beta key from the gold section. LOL i mean calm down why do you have to be so mad about something that dosent have something to do with you

Gold membership isn’t only here so you can get a beta key.

It’s there to support FacePunch.

And please don’t start a flame war people.

ive read that kraddy…

Again, stop troll. If you’re not trolling, stop post please.

So, quoted the whole text so you can go through it yourself, read it carefully.
Nowhere here you state that you might have a shot at the alpha from being a gold member, you did though ask what it took to become a gold member so you could finally play the game.
That’s what I was responding to.

edit: Read Kraddys post.

To anyone who doesn’t know psisyndicate? i think his name is that!
he has been given 10 keys to hand out go to youtube and you’ve got to do things like subscribe and post a comment on why you should have one of the keys!
but its pretty easy and there is at least a chance!
i think the draw is like on the 18th of july so get going!

thats how you responded it but thats not how i meant. Two different things, if you really hate that i troll and even posted this just go away and dont post at my threads

i search a keys to make a video on youtube

You might now have meant it, but you wrote it, two different things.
Anyway, sorry for misunderstanding you, but you did type it as I read it.

I mean that if you only said that from the beginning that you dont have the same ability to get the key when being a gold member. Do you really thought that i would know that much about this website when its the second day i visit this site…