We are currently working on this new amazing server…

It’s based on DarkRP, but changed in so many ways. The server is 100 % free. Even respected membership is free. We only have this to keep tracks of minges, so that’s why you need to register if you would like to use Wiremod, Adv Duplicator and other tools that are restricted.

Feel free to test it and let us know what you think…

Server Addons:

Adv Duplicator
Billy Mays player
Combine female assassin citizen headhack NPC
Fading door
Grim Reaper player model
Kane and Lynch players
keypad cracker
Mad Cows Weapons
Marvel Players
MoneyDetector Ranger
Postal Dude player and NPC
wire model pack 1

Join the server here:


Not another one of these DarkRP servers again.



Less addons = less server crashes.
Dont use DarkRP as theres already allot.

What we need is more sandbox servers.

The only thing you’ve changed is adding 100 addons and a fuckload of useless classes. YOU DO NOT NEED CLASSES TO ROLEPLAY!
Your server isn’t amazing for having some shitty classes, addons, and guns.

Stupid server, you cant use any tools and no wire unless you sign up at their forums.

Why isnt there a (DarkRP) with no WIRE? O.O

There’s no such damn thing as semi-serious. That’s completely ridiculous.

It’s like saying you’re semi christian, or semi hermaphrodite, there’s no middle point of the spectrum, you’re either it or not.

Ok, it seems that people like the server. I had over 20 people joining at the same time … and the server hasen’t crash even once today, and i unrestricted some of the tools.

If i sould allow some of the wiremod tools, what tools would be best to keep restricted? …my first guess would be Expression2…

Explosives, turrets, etc.

It really shouldn’t be that hard, take everything you have restricted already and put ‘Wire’ in front of it and It’s probably there, and probably something you should block.

I like how he renamed DarkRP’s game mode to ATAC Roleplay 1.0 /sarcasm

It’s DarkRP still.

"What we need is more sandbox servers. "

We haz.

Classes CAN help roleplay… in rare cases… almost unheard of cases.

I’m talking police and bars. That’s it.

On topic: He’s right… you’ve just started another dead server. There are waaay too many standard Dark RP servers. If you’re doing dark RP, 2 suggestions:

A) Recode it, make it unique. (I did this for parts of Cake)
B) Fix all the damn bugs. (Again, I did this for Cake.)

Well just a few things I’m working on:

*) New F4 Menu
*) Better Scoreboard (Redesign)
*) New bank for everyone (in the f4 menu) that saves people´s cars, so they can repawn it later even when disconnected! People can also save their money, weapons and more. I’m already done with the (litesql tables and some of the lua files) and i will of course release this add-on on garrysmod.org!

And thing’s that’s already working:
*) RDM kicker and NLR rule addon (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=971585)

And… I don’t really get why people hate DarkRP so much. It’s a good basic role-play script, and you can easily make it your “own” in so many ways.

I personally have nothing against darkrp, as you said, people can easily make it unique, however, no one actually do.
They all make it the exact same.
The exact same rules.
Usually around the exact same jobs with only a few minor variations.
The same CSS weapons.
The same map, or a variation of it.
Then there is the problem of none of the players actually “roleplaying”.
For them, roleplaying is to A. Become a some sort of illegal merchant, and most likely go on a rampage.
B. Become a “gangster”, get a gun, and then kill cops all day.
Or C. Become a cop, arrest people, hit them with your stunstick, and shoot their face off.