Beta Combine Units Pack release

Such a long time gone since I’ve posted my first synth models pack. Time flies so fast… Finally, I decided to redo models, do some fixes and add to pack something new. So, meet the Beta Combine Units Pack. It contains:

Synth soldier:

  • Updated model
  • Redone textures
  • Improved shading
  • Two skins (standart/arctic)
  • Posable fingers
  • Switchable hair bodygroup
  • Switchable gun bodygroup
  • High-poly version[/t]

**Elite synths (brown/green): **

**Cremator (new): **

Credits: Evil Garlic (modelling, rigging, texturing), Alex Portman (texturing, materials, testing, video)

Models compatible with Garry’s mod and Sourcefilmmaker, check in Steam Workshop:
**SFM: **

Also, after publishing of first pack, I was received many messages where people have asked for my permission to use model in their mods, so you can use the model as you want and where you want without asking me, model sources included!
**Download model sources: **

Thanks for downloading :smiley:

Proof that the Steam Community is the best Community.

Thanks a ton! These are amazing.

Well this came out of nowhere.



These are awesome! Im glad they weren’t kept in the game because otherwise every time I would see any of these I’d shit my pants.

Nice re-release :slight_smile:

Thank you so much evilgarlic, you’re fighting the good fight for the leak/rtb community!

Holy fuck, this is just what I need

I love you


I already loved you for the Synth Soldier, but the new Cremator is great.

Now, we only need a new Combine Guard, and the dream will be fullfied…

Wooo, awesome! Good to see you’re still with us EG!

Wow these look great.

I hope you plan on doing more of the others.

I’d love to see the Combine Guard get reworked.

Great work!
The Combine Guard would be a great model if it was redone.

Very cool model pack
But i would love to see the Combine Guard be redone

Perfect. I’ve been waiting for this.

That was a pretty awesome trailer, nice job guys.

Cremator will always give me nightmares for some reason

Holy shit man, these look amazing!


What does that stand for?

Amazing models. Just imagine if someone could make SNPCs out of them for Garry’s Mod.