[Beta] Garry's Mod Optimizer

Hello, I’ve made an application, which can help you with optimizing gmod, I know a lot of people have troubles with fps on gamemodes like CityRP / DarkRP. How does it works? You need to mark what do you want to disable in gmod using my app, then you need to click “Save” and enjoy, config will be saved in your gmod location, It will be loaded from register

Github // Made in C++ using QtQuick
Donate // Give me some coffee using paypal
Download here // Updated
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Sorry for my simple english, I’m 17 years old, I’m trying to learn english. I hope you will understand.

just as i thought, you should probably find the installed path in some other way, not everyone uses the default folder

at least it looks decent

Yeah bro, I will give ability to select your path, thanks :smiley:

This is how you find the path to Garry’s Mod on Windows (code in C#, but might give you an idea):

RegistryKey regKey = Registry.CurrentUser;
regKey = regKey.OpenSubKey(@"Software\Valve\Steam");
regKey.GetValue("SteamPath").ToString() + @"\steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\"

Additionally, if you want to make sure you also take into account external Steam Libraries, there is a file named config.vdf at the following location with references to the paths of all external libraries:

regKey.GetValue("SteamPath").ToString() + @"config\config.vdf"

The keys you are looking for on the VDF are: BaseInstallFolder_1, BaseInstallFolder_2, etc.

Yeah, I said I will do it, also I need to remake this app (I want to make material design), At this moment I’m busy, but later I will upgrade it, thanks for feedback :smiley:

And what of those of us that lack that reg key? My Steam folder, GMod with it, have been on this hard drive through three versions of windows and have been copypasted across two harddrives over the years. I’m fairly certain the key isnt there on my machine.

Pretty sure for Steam to work it needs to be in your registry. It probably adds itself when it launches.

This is the correct answer, it will add it as soon as it tries to update (that small window with a progress bar that shows sometimes before Steam starts).
The first time you start Steam on a new system without going through the installer, it will trigger this state, so TestECull certainly has that reg key.

Won’t work if I have the game installed somewhere that isn’t my steam folder.

Is this VAC Approved by Valve?

Yes! This man would most certainly release a “cheat” in the official Garry’s Mod forum. You’re very smart, maybe too smart for these forums :smiley:

You should probably add a presets menu, which lets you select different quality options like low, medium and high. I made a concept for it, with some more options that i think would be good if you added. Sorry if it seems rough, it’s just a mock-up.

It adds lines to your autoexec.cfg file, which anyone can do. It is not a bannable offense as it is not hacking as is a part of source.

So it’s not VAC Approved?

It’s just simple config editing for technologically impaired and/or lazy, such as you as for what I get from your post. You can do all of it in-game if you want to.

No, but there is no need for it to be. This program is just a visual interface for commands you can put in the game that are already part of the game. Simply put, it is not VAC secured but doesn’t need to be. This is just a program that tells the game to run commands at tstartup. And either way, it couldn’t be VAC secured anyway.

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Or what he said

The only case I can think of that wouldn’t work with my method is if you had a pirated version of gmod outside Steam’s boundaries.
Otherwise, your gmod installation will always be inside a Steam Library, be it on the default one (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps) or any of your custom Steam Libraries (ex: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps).

“will i get banned for editing my config using notepad??”


I somehow totally missed the last line of your first post, nevermind.

To combat this, you can query $steampath/steamapps/libraryfolders.vdf for alternative directories.

	"TimeNextStatsReport"		"1471785033"
	"ContentStatsID"		"-7185833543422658887"
	"1"		"G:\\Steam Library"

I will do it using register, remake here: https://github.com/orzel1244/GmOptimizer [WiP, you can’t download bin]