[BETA] GMSurf - CS:S Surf brought to Gmod [NEED TESTERS NOW!]

[release]Beta Test is closed.

Now with more realistic physics!

What is GMSurf?
GMSurf is a WIP gamemode that brings CS:S Surf to Gmod. The physics are now exactly the same as CS:S. The gamemode is very fun, and I think you will enjoy it if you come test. The gamemode is currently at the most basic level of development, the main physics of surfing. Many more developments are yet to come in the next few weeks.

A few screenshots of developements in the past week



Custom notifications:



Well to be constructive as possible, this gamemode needs A LOT of work. The run speed is incredibly fast and it has no resemblance whatsoever to CS:S physics. I think saying “It’s almost exactly like CS:S Surf as of now.” is completely off. However, if Gbps could manage to make it properly, I believe this would be very fun to play.

Find a way to get sv_airaccelerate to work and set it between 100 and 200. Or find a way to replicate that.
There are some other settings to but i havn’t run a server for css in a while.

I’m working on something like this… i’ll post a thread when i’ve got enough progress. Beens as this one has been closed.

Beta Test reopened

sv_airaccelerate should be like 2000.

Use Cvar2.


Make various interchangable difficulties that change your run speed / airaccelerate and stuff, and then achievements for completing each map on each difficulty and for finding certain hidden areas.

Again, this just a test of the game physics. All that stuff will come later.


I am using cvar2.

Traditional css surf is 100, any higher and you must really suck.

I find 150 to be more helpful for the general audience.

Added sexy speedometer.

Beta test reopened.



Also completing custom notifications


Cool,i don´t why people flame it,like they could do any better…bullshit.That speedometer looks cool,and can you update your server please?It´s currently down,thanks.


Server has been reopened at the IP
Have fun testing!


would be better if it was in fretta

It is, I think you mean wasn’t.