Beta key for 3$

i want to buy Beta key for 3$

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“Good Luck.” people have been selling there accounts for $40+


Free of charge now leave.

is it not against the rules to hand out keys?

fuk da rulz.

well if there are keys being handed out anyway sign me up :slight_smile:

I’ll sell my account for 30 milliondy dollars.
[sp]seriously though pm me an offer[/sp]

Activate your goldmail, but hurry!

Just buy gold member for the key.

when you buy a gold member you got a CHANCE to get a key.

Honestly, you shouldn’t get a key.

You should just buy Gold membership then you can go to the gold forums and there are some threads which have nice people who give them away sometimes, but garry only gives them out there.


I don’t think he is going to be very helpful in testing.

i got one so …

just need another one for my friend.

can someone give me a key?

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dont ban me but ive been looking forever!

If you want a beta key your best chance of getting one is to buy gold, and even if you do buy gold you are not guaranteed a key.

Could I possibly get a key, I have a £850 higher end gaming pc so good system to test the game on?:slight_smile:

You can only get keys from Garry but it is a 0.0000001% depending how many people are non-gold members, it is possible to get it as a non-gold member buy gold members get a better chance.

Use some of your money to buy gold?