beta key for playing gmod 100 hours

i have played gmod for more than 300 hours how do i get the beta key?
some one told me you can get beta keys from playing gmod 100 hours.

(User was banned for this post ("Stop begging for keys" - SteveUK))

lol I’ve been playing for 1600 hours.
And I’m not even a hardcore player.
And you’re not going to get a key just for a miserable achievement like that, no offense.

I’ve never even played Gmod and I have an account. Don’t be so gullible.

i play garry’s mod for 176 hours but dose that get me a key if so i would like to have a key

YOU… GET… NOTHING! YOU LOSE! Good day, sir!

Yes, having one of the lowest playtime nets you a beta key.