Beta Key Generator on

Hi, why does have a Beta Key Generator on it? Is it a joke, or is it not meant to be available to the public?

It only works for garry. You can access it, but good luck using it.

If it were that easy to get a key, would so many people be asking for them?

You have to be an admin for it to actually work.

Yeah I figured, it doesn’t do anything.

So is that an actual legit generator then? Careful what you say, leet scout hackers might attack it.

It won’t work unless you’re logged in as an admin, full stop. I’m pretty sure garry knows what he’s doing with network + script security.

You have to have the gamma key to access the generator.

I was joking, but i bet you any money someone will sit there inputting every string of number known to man in the hopes of getting it working

hahaaa, little do you know I have the skeleton key to the generator. I can do anything.

but thats not going to get it to work?? its probably IP based.

You Dont Say!:pwn:

“These aren’t the beta keys you’re looking for.”

This link has been up for ages if they thought it was a threat they would remove it.

lol i bet someones looking at the website source code to try and get it working.

Can i pleas get a the rust beta key soo manny is streaming it i want to check it out pleas $)

Please read the sticky at the top of the page

But where do you ask for beta keys ??

You don’t, the game is in closed Alpha right now. Keys aren’t being handed out anymore