Beta key got gold members

Hello i was wondering about the gold member ship if i buy it will i get a rust beta key instantly or have a chance of getting one?

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No you do not get one just for signing up, but recently 100+ keys were released for gold members only, so yes you would have a way better chance.

Instantly? or a chance?

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do they sent them in a pm?

A better chance because of gold only post and images that contain keys regulars can’t see.
Again you do not get on just for signing up that’s just what trolls tell people so they will waste money thinking they will get an instant key.

but i dont want to buy gold for no reason i probly wont even get a key

garry is nicer to those who give him money first

Over a hundred keys were released earlier today for gold members only and it took quite a while before they were all taken up, so you would definitely get one if you checked the forum often.

Ill buy gold if i dont get a key i will be not very happy you guys convinced me :slight_smile:

Oh ye of little faith

I never said you had to buy it I said you will have a better chance of getting a key.

Don’t expect it immediately.

There was no beta keys today. If there was i cant seem to find the thread.

There was and all the keys were legit I got two of them, you just got to dig deeper and watch the forum.

can i have one of the keys please?

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paypal wont work :frowning:

No but here is a link to the thread

i cant it wont let me buy gold can you get me a key please

Strange i cant see the picture.

gold members can get banned for sharing them with non-golds

it wont let me look because paypals being gay