"Beta key invalid"?

I just purchased an alpha key off of the Dutch Auction and I was sent a license key. I was sent a 12 digit number but it asked for a 6 digit one. It says it is invalid and those were the only keys that it sent me. HELP

I also got a 12 digit number that worked just fine.

Just like this :
In order to use this software you will require the following license keys:

I typed it in and it kept saying invalid. Now I cant type anything in because I have tried too many times on my IP :C. My other friend who won the key in the drawing contest got a 6 digit one I am pretty sure.

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I have the receipt and everything so it’s not like I haven’t purchased it.

Screencap of the email, black out the key.
I got a strong feeling this is another attempt of 'hey guiys i got no key but i pretend i had one but its not working please send a new one :~) )

Want me to put it in this forum?

To me it sounds a bit fake, I don’t know though.
Because I also got the game back in the days when it was 6 digits, but now I bot some copies for my subs and it is 12 and working fine.

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No, I would suggest you try to contact the staff.

Well I have it snipped and crossed out the key so I am posting it on this forums.

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That is the email that I recieved.

Here’s what garry said to a guy having same problem than you :

Thanks so much, finally have an answer for this problem :smiley:

No problem :slight_smile:

I have the same problem So i just sended a message

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Hes not anwsering to me :frowning:

Well it worked for me now but not letting me log in :C. I would check your email cause it gives no notification if you have created an account or not. It appears that it doesnt work but it did

Just hit the ‘‘forgot password’’ it will e-mail you a new password and you’ll be able to log-in!

Korrupt how much time did it take before garry anwsered your msg

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He hasn’t answered yet but I am assuming it will take a long time.

I won a key from the drawing contest? I have a 9 digit.