Beta key

Hi !
Where I can get beta key to rust ?

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - Swebonny))

Please me give beta key :

Not by making a new thread like this, that’s for sure.

Jesus, when are these people going to stop? Can’t they read the other threads where people actually get banned for doing this?


They wont go away. Usally, you should make a Tutorial: “How to make a Thread”
First point Read
Second point Use the Search-function

Well i know this from other forums, it’s so fucking annoying. After a time, it will stop or you won’t read it anymore ^^

3rd point, don’t use emoticons

D; but i like to use them

Please send me a working beta key on majza.22 @

me to

please send me beta key :

Please can I have a beta key :

stop shoving ur email in every thread.
There is no more beta keys.

Desperate to ask for the key leads to nowhere because no one has the keys.!!!

This is the forum mods fault, they need to make it clearer to the new users that there are no more keys