Beta Key

I know, you get this from thousands of people each day. I was wondering if I could get a BETA key. I hope you don’t dismiss this right away, and I know this is my first post, but I would love it if you could give me, or at least a friend, a very successful, multi server owner named roxrok. Why give a random guy with 1 post and unknown to a lot of people? Well, I am a Garrysmod addict, meaning I have no life. I have 1,653 hours on Garrysmod and I know that’s nothing compared to others out there. I have had Garrysmod for about 2 and a half years now and have not stopped playing it unlike other games where you do campaign and never touch it again. Still, why give just another Garrysmod player a Beta key? Well, I would LOVE it if you gave this to me, but I would be happier if you did give it to someone in the FusionRP community. I know you might not even read this and that you might even ban me for this, but I hope you take a good look and see how many FusionRP people love and are dedicated too your game. Thanks if you give this a good look and that you and your team created such a great game.

Donut LikeA Boss

EDIT* I see you gave it out to earlier people and won’t discuss it through messages longer. Hope you can make an exception even though BETA is coming so soon!

Isn’t FusionRP just a modified DarkRP?

It is kind of a community for Garrysmod DarkRP and Minecraft. I thought it was only that at first, but well it grew on me.

I dont know if this will get you a beta key. Garry mostly gives them for people who need to test gamemodes,addons,etc.

Yeah I kinda figured. Well, roxrok would probably mess around with that stuff… Anyway thanks for all the feedback!

And this isn’t even the best place to ask for a key, if Garry would even give you one. Check out this thread for more info on the beta.

Oh yea. My bad. Anyway thanks again. Someone can go along and lock this.


Garry mainly only gives it to people who really contributed to Garry’s Mod.
So, no, you won’t be getting a beta key.

Why can’t this awesome super man guy called roxrok ask for a betakey himself?

He has been asking…