Beta keys and accounting.


I tried to search that, but no luck, so I’ll just drop this question.

So… I was in the Alpha\prealpha\whatevs u call it, and had a vacation which lead to my account disabling (:(), which I never found an announcement that tells us that if we’re off the game for long, we’re removed, but that’s not what I am here for.

I’m planning to buy a key (from the auction), but I KNOW I wouldn’t play every day, cuz I’m under lots of pressure, and I’m here to ask, is this “rule” of being inactive leads to account removal still exists? Should I be afraid of it? or can I buy a key and hop in the game with no fears whenever I want?

Thanks alot.
(and sorry for bad Eng)

Your account wont get removed for inactivity if you purchase the game.

Facepunch should be changing this soon, the inactivity rule only existed for people who got into early alpha beta when it was open, not when it cost money, however that rule did exist for awhile even when the money was put into buying Rust, not sure if it still is. The only other thing you have to worry about is sleeper servers, if you are gone long enough you will wake up naked because someone killed you in your sleep, or you didn’t eat enough food before logging offline. If the inactivity rule still exists I think there is a forum or link you can reactivate your account, submit a ticket or something.

Funny enough, the info you seek is contained in the sticky at the top of the forum: The sticky: Keys are now for sale, discuss it HERE. Also section rules+FAQ, read before you post

Oh, missed this part somehow.