Beta keys?

This game looks sweet! How can I get my hands on a key? I understand the game is in alpha, and would like to help test it! Mods plz send me a key so I can start contributing to the test.

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You’re new to this aren’t you?

From the look of it, you both are.



I’m not that new though.

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Also, aren’t you the person who’s been blamed for hacking recently?

Garry is not giving out any more beta keys for the time being. Just wait patiently and keep an eye on the forums for when he will be.

Yup. I still have yet to care. :smile:

Thanks for the relevant reply and not hijacking the thread with nonsense like shadow.

Man I just saw this game. And I am willing to pay to play it. Garry can I buy a copy of the beta ! XD

Hahaha I know dude! Id totally pay like 10 to 15 dollars to get a key

UGhhh!! I know. So is garry still pputting out beta keys? ._. I wants one so bad.

Incoming shitstorm

Thanks for not searching on Google/Facepunch first before posting.

So much cancer here…

With a shit thread, comes a shit price.

4 posts and joined just this month. You’re new.

Not even relevant.

[sp]Every time one of these threads are started I just start foaming at the mouth from the number of I WANNA KEY replies[/sp]

Registration needs to be closed.

I thought it required an invite to join, or am I mistaken now?

Apparently it’s not invite anymore, since there’s an huge amount of morons/kids joining recently.