Beta Keys

I know there are no keys being passed out atm but if they ever do where would i find them?
Would they be emailed or do i have to find a link and get the key from there?

They’re in a thread if you get gold

And how do i get gold?

you get it from
further instructions are in the gold member forums

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why cant i get a beta key :frowning:

Why do you think.

dont no i dont have gold and i am a random person

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and every one want a beta card

Well you won’t be getting anything anytime soon unless you get gold…and that grammar…

I have no clue how to get betakeys, but i’ve been told that gold is the way to go…

seems simple enough, I’m pumped!:rock:

No… No. Please don’t tell me that’s pewdieshit.

PLEASE Pewdiepie is overrated

i hav geld cn i haf betta kei pls ?

I have to buy a gold membership for 10$ then to get the key what do I do?

Then you have to pay $20 dollars in the gold forum to get a key

Oh shit, 200+ people viewing, I think UberHaxorNova’s followers are here…

beta keys just beta no the real game guts yet I have been looking in to this game and it looks pretty awesome in all ways I think this game will be a big hit in the gaming industry no joke I want my copy of this to try it out but so dose everyone else I wish I got to psi stream that day just missed it so guted :frowning:

well right now it seems like they’re going to give the keys to people that have been contributing to the game development, testing, and community. Chances are if you only buy gold member and expect to get a key you’re not going to get it. You have to understand this is in Alpha when people test the game to improve on it, not just to play it.

Heard about the game only today from my brother looks
class was raging to hear it became closed bet but you tube videos
will have to do for now :slight_smile: I can wait no hurry ha ha