Beta Keys

Hello fine sirs and women of the facepunch forums,

I have created this forum thread for the large influx of people who have been creating threads like “Hi guys I am not asking for a key but I just want to know when I can get one.” It is easy to tell that 9/10 times it is a blatant lie. If you are really serious then wouldn’t you check the 20 other posts on the thread starter entitled “Where cans I g3ts the keys?”. If you had you would see that they all say the same thing and I will repeat it for those of you who are considering asking. Garry has stopped giving out keys for now and no one knows when he will start giving them out again it could be tomorrow or possibly months.

Now that I have told you this hopefully you can stop littering the forums with your threads.

-Toast out.

This thread is useless, they will continue to come and post more threads about how can they obtain a beta key.

Also you don’t have to sign your posts, just looks silly.