Beta Keys

Hello dear friends
Garry and team

Could you please put some beta keys i really want to try it out :frowning:
or pm me one :frowning:
I’m dying to try it but my parents don’t want to buy it for me :((

Thank in advance

(User was banned for this post ("crap begging thread" - postal))

Get a job?

i’m 13 years how can i?
And i don’t want to go in prison for breaking laws

This game is to violent for you to play. Wait five years and come back. By then you will hopefully have an idea on how to earn your own money because you will have to.

Bro i play zombie games :smiley:
it’s not violent :slight_smile:
i play cod too

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im just dying to play it :frowning:
My best friend bought and i want to play with him :frowning:

Please don’t beg. Nobody here will buy you Rust. It sucks, but you can’t have everything you want.

Also, this game has naked man penis. And lots of hackers at the moment. Because it’s very alpha and there are lots of bugs and problems.

elix the nudity is disabled i can enable it whenever i want :slight_smile:
i did a small research of the game so i can start :slight_smile:

I’m mildly impressed that you know about the nudity censor and that it’s enabled by default.

However, it’s still not a good idea to beg for Rust here, because begging in general is strongly discouraged. I’m not a mod, so I can’t boss you around, but I suggest not doing it anymore around here.

ok no problem :slight_smile:
i just shared my mind :slight_smile:

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If Mr Garry could do this i would be very thankful :slight_smile:

get a paper round

what you mean by paper round?

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oh i found out :slight_smile:
You mean news paper

Yeah well you shouldn’t be, another annoying squeaker from COD won’t be on Rust +1 for community. Begging won’t get you shit, if you can’t convince your parents how are you going to convince people who generally don’t like playing with kids. This won’t be in ‘beta’ for a while and no one that works for Facepunch is going to go out of their way to give you some keys, you’re not that special.

Go outside and enjoy the world before you get too old, summer is approaching…

well i still enjoy it :slight_smile:

This game has very detailed penis’, you’re missing out!!

On a more serious note;
Why not do some chores? Wash the car, do some house work etc and earn some money.

heh don’t you think i tried it already :smiley:
if it was working i was going to do it already

first: if you get a beta key you will be waiting awhile to play… its alpha still.
second: i got a paper route at 9, started reffing hockey at 11, and shoveled driveways/mowed lawns for cash. figure it out lol, i was making like 500 a month at 13…

Sounds like a banned hacker asking for a new copy of the game to play again because Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t pay for another key.

i can’t be a hacker cause i’m playing always fair i do not like hackers

Just words. We don’t know if you are telling the truth. Anyone can say anything, be it true or not. Regardless, the odds of anyone who happens to have a valid key lying around who would just give it to someone who’s only posts amount to begging for a key are low. They stopped giving keys away a long time ago and now you have to buy Rust.