Beta RP map testing.

Hi there!

Feel free to join my DarkRP server, with a newly created RP map, still beta testing. The server will run 24/7 though we are still testing the map.

The map is currently called “rp_business_b1”

The map file is not very large, so you will be easily able to download it directly from the game server.

Looking forward to see you there !

So no pics and you want clicks.

Alert full-bright blocky map avoid server.

Adding lightning now.
Can’t seem to find the right light_env settings. Is there anyone you can recommend?


Same rp_downtown_v2 uses the pro told me.

Updated pictures

Server is still running

Come join us :slight_smile: Need some suggestions for beta3

It looks okay.


Make a thread in the mapping section

You added default props in gmod and its still blocky.

Nah, those props were added by players. I am currently trying to add decals to the town, road signs, a road, and a road extension that will give more space.