[Beta] rp_prison

Hello all, I am currently working on a new roleplaying map based off of PrisonRP, since the most fun of roleplaying is getting detained.

The best part about this roleplaying experience is, since your in a prison environment, mingery and faggotry can be dealt with on the harshest terms. So if you have someone coming in your server screaming “FUCK TROLOLOLOL”, they will spawn in a cell, and will be dealt with by amputation, all without ruining someones IC roleplay experience.

Merchants and other items will be similar to your underground distribution that takes place in a prison. Anyways, the rest is up to whoever is running the map.

Pictures of progress made:


Blocky, And lighting sucks. Work on them and adding more detail into rooms and things.

It looks like a good start, you should keep on adding to it and improving what you have.
Consider looking at HL2 again and see what made the segments in the Citadel so recognizable.

Well, this is the first map I have ever worked on. So I’m still getting a feel for things.

Never use that as an excuse.

Well yes it was an excuse. But this is a WIP after all, and, its not like I’m releasing a map called “lolwtfepicnpcwars”

Yes, Though… A blocky map with shit lighting isn’t what people want to play. Detail the fuck out the thing, And fix the lighting until it’s PERFECT! If you manage that, Then… I’m sure people would download the map and enjoy playing it.

Nothing special about this, blocky as hell and badly lit.


Everything I have already said…

Suddenly I’m not allowed to voice my own opinion, what?