Beta Style Witch

Hey everyone i recently figured out how to port the beta (black Hair and clothes) version of the witch into gmod. I have both the normal and nude versions up and running if you want either one PM me. I also need someone to Hex it for me if possible, since their only re-skins right now.

You don’t need to make a thread for this. Just pm jason278 for hexing or learn it yourself. Anyone can get a custom witch skin or model and put it in gmod.

Well i got it to work in gmod and i hadn’t seen anyone else do it. just figured i should share. I thought it was pretty cool… and it was the first thing i ever did skinning and model wise.
(theres more versions of the witch? O_O)

Honestly i’m just being lazy i don’t want to bother learning to Hex, i don’t care enough to.

I’m also not gunna bother random people to hex it for me. just wondering if anyone wanted to volunteer.

I did this a long time ago.


Are those working player models? if so where can i get them. Stop being lazy or you’ll be a hated person on facepunch. Its on the front page of model releases.

Erikp3 don’t be lazy you wont get anywhere in life like this

yeah cuz bothering to learn to Hex is going to totally help me get a job when i get out of high school.


I honestly don’t care if people like me, thats their problem.

I didnt say i hated you just said you were lazy try learning it if it doesn’t wofk out try this technique

sorry i still just lack interest in it, i could figure it out if i wanted to but… i dont

It’s not even that hard to do. it’s just opening the mdl file in a text editor and changing a few letters.

Well since you don’t care, I might as well say you seem like a complete dick.



You could of PM’ed the skin to avoid all this

to avoid all what?

This thread, The people making you look stupid, Etc.

lol… sorry fer being such an asshole guys.