Does anyone know when this game is going into beta, i really want to play this game, i know you cant get a key now, so i was wondering when this game is going into beta so that a lot more people can play and enjoy it, i would be willing to buy the game in beta.

PS I am not asking for a key here


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The game is already in beta, I think you mean released?

And for a release date we do not know.

It’s in close alpha.

First of all read the sticky thread on top of this page before you make another topic that has an answer to it already.
And no currently the game is in closed alpha stage.

Alpha and beta are pretty much the same thing.

Its in Pre-Alpha, jesus facepalm

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No they are not, are you even a gamer?


Generally, alpha is a closed test of the game where a limited amount of persons get access all the while the game is still in development.

Beta is a more public testing of the game, again where the game is still in development.

You are so incredibly wrong it’s not even funny