Bethany Hawke (Varric's Embellished Version) (Dragon Age 2)

Download Version 1.00 Here

Not much to say, really. This is my first complete character port, and my first total rig. I have done some partial rigging in the past, usually just rigging the neck and head for headhacks. I am very happy with how she came out. The model was picked completely at random from an XNALara page for Dragon Age 2 characters.

She comes with jiggleboned hair, belt, pouch, and breasts. Her red scarf comes as a bodygroup. She has 54 facial flexes, built entirely from scratch, and she has complete eye- and face-posing. She is entirely supported by the Source Filmmaker. She is built to the Valve Biped standard, meaning that, in the SFM, you can load the rig_biped_simple on her without issue; no custom rig script is needed.


  • Her finger-posing in the Fingerposer is sideways. I am not that great when it comes to the bone orientations. I recommend you use my Joint Tool, found in the Lua section, to pose her fingers. You can also pose the jigglebones and the non-physics-object’d bones with it (a spine bone and the toe bones).
  • As described above, her toes are not physics objected. I had several problems trying to get them to deform properly, and finally chose to ignore them. I kept the bones because they are used in the Source Filmmaker’s rig scripts to determine how legs should bend.
  • When hitting her with the Faceposer and Fingerposer in Garry’s Mod, the circle and green lines (eyeposer) will appear incorrectly. I am not sure what is causing this. It should not cause any actual inconvenience.

Download Version 1.00 Here

If you find any issues with her, please don’t hesitate to bring them up. I’ll try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

My next project is porting this Fenris in Black Robe model.

Great first full port, man. Very well done.

Rev up those Rule 34 SFM gifs.

Great port, though the facemap… Not so much, tried my hand at it.
Besides that, these are her eyelashes? Other then those, no problem whatsoever and as I said, good port.

Don’t blame me for the facemap.

I just used the textures the XNALara port came with, and adjusted their colors and brightness/contrast to make them look better. I am not a texture artist.

Same goes for the eyelashes. They were what was provided, so I used them.

And thank you. :slight_smile:

isnane boobmonster version

I can hardly call myself a “texture artist” but if you feel in need then I would be willing to help.
And where did you download her then? The XNALara model I have does have proper eyelashes.

nice ^^ should be great with my flemeth for some scene ^^ thanks