Betrayed BG

Hey !

I just wanted to show you guys this background I have made:

If you want this as Gmod background, then you can get it from here:
Click Here !

For some reason I couldn’t upload to, so I used “
I would be happy, for some feedback on my picture :slight_smile:

  • Pigeon

Don’t use NPC’s/playermodels for pictures, people will rage at you.

Some guys here don’t take to kindly to a screenshot with NO ragdolls in it. For your next pictures, try posing some ragdolls. More effort, but better results (if you do it right that is)

Let alone the NPCs and overall lack of effort, the jpeg quality is poor and the picture is squashed.

Thanks for the help, I will learn from my mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys lets register on FP just to post our shitty “ragdoll pose” that doesn’t even have ragdolls.
no instead i just took a picture of me standing behind the breen npc with a pistol

Please don’t tell me that this will turn into some situation where everyone makes shitty backgrounds the whole time.
I really hope that no one gets inspired to make their own backgrounds from this, then the section will be flooded. Like on, 1 shitty bg equals posers who are even worse.
Lets just keep this as one bad slip up.
Just my concerns of stuff.