Better AI

I’m sorry, but the NPCs in Gmod are totally stupid. When you want to have some fun with NPCs they die quickly. Not because of their low health, Just because they are not smart enough to jump/run fast/take cover and etc. I think it would be great if Garry would add more maximum health to most of the default NPCs. I know you can do it with the NPC Control Tool, but the thing is, that they are still killed easily.

Let’s see, I plan to do a great NPC war. Oh wait, the citizens kill the combine VERY easily. It’s not worth it.
So, Garry, please make the NPCs smarter and with more maximum health.

That sound differcult

But it’s possible. Garry would probably have to play a bit more with the HL2 code.
It’s possible and It could be very AWESOME

But there is already alternative codes that are already exists.

Making their aim better and having an option to disable headshot (which do just too much fucking damages as it can one shot every single fuckin humanoids even with 9 billiards hp) would be already great. But not gonna happen. “Becuz sandbox is nôt made for npcz lolol”

Change the sk_ cvars, they control things like NPC health.

Gmod is a sandbox, not an NPC simulator.

It doesn’t work like that.

That’s a “great” excuse. Garry’s mod is not challenging. It would be more fun with smarter AI.
Another thing would be great, If they could use the USE button. Somehow. Or atleast you could do it for them.


Yeah, yeah, But the sandbox mode could be better and more awesome with better AI.

Please note that much of the AI is programmed into the map.

Uh, yes it does…

Scroll down to the “sk” section, it contains a lot of commands for setting the skill of the game, such as NPC health and damage.

By the way, I was talking about making NPCs harder to kill, not ways to improve their AI and pathfinding.

My biggest gripe with Gmod NPC’s are navigating and the use of Ai_nodes. Nav meshes (as used in CS:S) Would be greatly appreciated and a massive update to that and make them alot more user friendly in temrs of resources. And yes Garry CAN code meshes in BUT it takes some time (not hard, just some code-work to do)

i wish the combine would talk to eachother and work togeather to do a common goal…and throwing grenades and shooting combine balls would be awsome to!


and citizens/rebels should be smarter instead of running in to the bullet…run away

They alredy throw grenades and combine balls, only Elite OverWatch (The white unifrom one)

Just a problem, the ones we need to modify their “difficulty” (hitbox scale damage, for exemple) does not work…

And there’s no shit about accuracy in the sk_'s



I didn’t said that they were… uhm… “<ZAWESOMEZO>”:buddy:

i spawn the elite alot…never throws grenades or shoots combine balls (and yes i equiped them with the ar2) they just run at me then i shoot them in the face with a shotgun

Theres a addon for that somewhere on where combine soldiers throw grenades and the elites shoot their combine balls (lol?) , and they have better ai as in if a rebel is being overwhelmed they retreat into somewhere they cant be shot, and the combine move forward as a team, and you can make squads with it.

Since when do the elites run into you?
I thought only Metrocops did that.

Do you have gmod 11? Because apparently gm_construct and other maps are ai_noded which makes the combine run at you and stuff.