Better Alyx + Better Gordon (Re-skins)

My WIP skins, rate & comment please!

(Face only. I’ll re-skin HEV later)



So… Rate&Comment.
Thank you.

I like Gordon a lot. Alyx…not so much. She just doesn’t look right.

His hair looks too much like an afro.

Yea, he’s right. But anyway, good job.

I remember back in 2006 where you could be praised for skins like these. I miss those days.

I like the jeans on Alyx, though.

Well, if I can add any comment, she definitely looks more Half-Asian now than she was previously.
(In case you didn’t know, her mom is Asian).

That Jacket is smexy, btw.

I don’t quite like the fact that Gordon’s hair is just blended in front. I’d suggest erasing along the hairline for it to look proper. As for Alyx, i don’t quite like the lips. Try something less saturated/lighter.

Cool,make a hexed 1 to



looks good, gordon anyway, alyx, not so much

you do know gordon has ginger hair right?

Uh no

He had ginger hair in HL1, didn’t he?

All gordons made are just incorrect. Not a single one has his ponytail!

This is don’t better. Alyx looks like zombie.

Ok, thanks for the advices.
I’ll fix Alyx and modify Gordon.


What do you think about


Alyx’s face?:

It’s default facemap with modified hair and skin color.

Well, to be honest, it wasn’t the face that was what I didn’t like, it’s her jacket. It’s too dark.

I’ve made Gordon ginger and changed HEV a bit, added scratches, textured some parts of non-metal zones:

Is it looks better than previous?

Hair lacks texture.

I liked the previous Gordon better, actually.

Lol,alyx looks like à lesbain and Gordon like à gay Guy

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