Better coded AC-130, and a better coded Predator Drone ect. (NPCs)

If someone is in dire need of a good project, I got one for you. :wink:
All the AC-130s are poo in my opinion. It needs to be an NPC with Mounted turrets, and needs to have a great AI. Yes i have heard of Neuro planes, and that could be where you start. Everyone is saying they want an NPC version, and holy shit you would get popular if you did it.

Ahh the Drone. All the ones made the code sucks, and the only good one is one that a guy made with Pheonix storms pack cubes, and he just slapped some gates and made it fly. I am not saying it SHOULD be an adv dupe, but you could just port the one off of CoD: MW2-3 and maximise the size, and re render or put your own details on it so it doesnt look like a Minecraft vehicle flying around shooting at me. Again, AI needs to be splendid.

Now, this request might actually be impossible, but it could indeed work. This being a team of jets, who fly around in a formation, and bomb their target. I dont know if you could, but maybe you could weld three or four models together and they just fly around as one jet.

This one will be easy for sure, A chinook helicopter entity, i dont think you could do this as an NPC, and it drives around to a safe area, and if there are enimies coming or standing in the general area, it shoots them, and drops off (Using the combine getting off the dropship animation of course) custom skinned or pre made military guys. They need to be able to patrol the area, and they eventually walk away from the character and disappear, so this causes no lag because the dropship every few minutes or so need to drop more men off.

Thats about it for now. Thx guys! Hope someone does something with this!
Oh and i almost forgot, If you make this, I have only one request, it must be SVN, ( will do but u might be updating frequently if you get popular) and I require 0 credit, I just want to be sent the link. Thats it! Thx!