Better Combine AI - At least their aiming.

Interplanetary conquering due to inability to aim

Everyone knows the Combine are absolutely horrible at aiming. Well, I’m wondering if someone could make a script that halves their shooting cone maybe? I don’t want them to be perfect shots, but I still want a challenge even when fighting a few.

The optional parts I don’t really care about as much:

Run after players that are too far to shoot

Combine, a lot of the time when they spot players, stand still and point their guns without shooting. Maybe a good idea to improve their individual usefulness would be to make them run after a player they spot at long ranges where they can’t shoot.

Shoot players through breakable props

If there’s a way to find if a prop is breakable, how about make it so that Combine shoot breakable props if the prop comes in between the Combine and the player? Could this be made for all NPCs? If so, that would be REALLY appreciated!

If this stuff will only work in well-noded maps I STILL want the scripts! I typically play ONLY on noded maps because a large part of my playing, despite being a sandbox multiplayer experience, is HEAVILY modified and I constantly force people to assist me versus NPCs!

I am very interested in getting a script that does at least one of these things, even if it’s a bit buggy! Please respond :slight_smile:

EDIT: Still looking for this? The problem has been solved!

Please someone make this. ASAP! :supaburn:

the combine elites have great aim, and follow players, in well noded maps.

No they don’t. All the Combine are absolutely terrible shots, I assume this is what easy mode is like in HL2. I’ll upload a video if you’re that hellbent on believing that blasphemy. And yeah they do follow players, but not ones that are very far away. There’s a range between not seeing the player and not wanting to follow the player. I’m suggesting they follow the player anyway. There’s also a range they will attempt to shoot the player at, which I also think should be upped a bit (especially if they get better accuracy, then they will be perfectly capable of shooting the longer distances). Plus, if you didn’t read the bold red font, I play strictly on noded maps. No exceptions.

Yeah but not in Half-Life 2. Garry apparently screwed up the AI to make the rebels win most of the time you pair them up against each other. Beside the REAL Combine Soldiers aim normally. Elites have great aim in Half-Life 2, and how about we change the AI to have part the squad to follow and another to flank him. And if the player is far away if one squad pursues then the others will follow. It is not Valve its just Garry screwing the coding up.

I know that. In HL2 they’re better because of the difficulty. I think this is like, easy mode or some shit. The Combine aim just fine + have more health (some shit with the lua made 'em stronger or something) in HL2, but not GMod.

Also, the squads are all set in the maps. What I want is exactly what I said in the OP.

And I never said it was Valve. I play Valve games on hard. It’s tough. I expect it to be and I overcome. In GMod? Even 10 Combine 50 meters away isn’t much trouble no matter what weapon I use, and I could stand absolutely still.

I just want a coder to make what’s asked for in the OP. It’s simple tactics that will work often if everything adds up.

well, with the annable, they can hit anything they want. I was shot in mid-noclip, in one shot.

yeah, I know that, and frankly I don’t care. I’d rather be fighting Combine who can aim very, very well with AR2s, rather than fighting them with the annabelle, simply because it’s more fun. The annabelle is just retarded, the AR2 actually gives you an honest, fair chance.

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yes i would
no but seriosly i would really like to see a more accurate combine or atlest stronger
cant find anything on

Well we go email garry! and say ROFLPLOX IVE ME THE LUA

How about more things than OP wanted?

  • Combines throw grenades back
  • AND they throw them when it’s really useful, usually they throw them just mindlessly without any regard whether its actually useful or not
  • Headshots shouldnt kill. They have advanced technology used in their armor, and one shot from a pesky 9mm peashooter kills them ? Come on.
  • Especially Hunters should be tougher. From what VALVe tried to do with them, Hunter’s have supposedly a rubbery skin, kind of a natural armor, repelling small projectiles. They would be much more resistent to blunt objects. So basicly physics would be more effective, and even Combine Balls should take health off (Kind of like the Antlion Guard), not one-shot, because that is just lame.
  • And lastly, Combines never find cover. They either go and hide like cowards (wrong.) or they stand out in the open like sitting ducks (which is also wrong.) Hunters, on the other hand use tactics and flank the player instead of standing still and shooting flechettes. What would be and what is now examples:

1.) (How it is now…-.-) Squad of 5 soldiers stand and throw maybe a grenade or two. Takes 5 magnum shots to kill, and you could stand there, like a walk in the park. This tactic requires:

  • Shooting them in the head.
  • Standing still and reloading slowly.
    2.) (HOW IT SHOULD BE) Combines take cover to nearby walls, maybe they crouch etc. They do not go fully in cover, but just enough so that they can still shoot you. More accurate shooting that they could one-shot you from 10 meters. 100 and it should take a lot more. Shotgun units would go while the SMG wielding units cover them, shotgunners crouch behind an object and then blast the living shit out of you. This tactic would require:
  • Thinking which you would kill first, the time-taking shotugnners or the covering SMG’s
  • Throwing grenades back if they throw a few at your cover
  • And maybe covering your other fellow rebels while the possible snipers try to keep them at bay.

Tell me, which would be more fucked up, example 1.) or 2.)?

The way they act, and the ai is garrys fault yes, but the Headshot thing is ALSO garrys fault, if you want a togher hunter i would say sk_hunter_health, im just pointing it out, but non the less, garry didnt have his mind set on pepole making “Guns” in garrysmod, since the enemys are wusses

Hunters don’t use tactics, they either stand still or charge at you. They are made to run around blindly when they don’t have a target.

Throwing grenades back would be nice. I’ve never seen a Combine throw a grenade at me in GMod before. Headshots should just do 1.5 the amount of damage in the head, not instant kill, but I get where you’re coming from.

I don’t use cheapo weapons/admin guns. My accomplices and I use the Twitch weapons, which are pretty much my favorite weapons out of any other SWEPs, since they’re so flexible. The thing is, we could be put in a geographically unfavorable environment faced with more than 10 times the amount of enemy soldiers that we have (for example, 10 of us vs. 100 Combine or more), and easily clear them all out without a single casualty, maybe a few wounded here and there, but it’s ridiculous that’s how the battle would turn out if we didn’t even give much effort. Even just a smaller firing cone would be great and would increase the need for us to actually pay attention to keep our casualties low and employ modern and untested failsafed tactics to keep soldiers safe.

The cover tactic shouldn’t be too hard to script, if it’s possible. Can’t it just be something simple like having the NPC try to get out of the player’s line of sight OR get the player out of his line of sight? Telling the NPC to crouch more often, or just stay crouched when he isn’t moving?

Nah, they definetly tried to surround me in gm_construct and in Bigcity. I didn’t even use AI mod. One came from one alley, two came from another…And when i sprinted around Construct, they just tried to come from two different directions. Clamp me so i had nowhere to run. What i’d really like to see though is a Combine boat, that only works on water and has a turret firing from the front. (I know, offtopic.)

No they don’t. They go straight for you and while they do strafe sometimes, they don’t try to surround you. Their AI tells them to move if they see no enemy, and they do constantly move around to “find” one, and when they do, they just attack. They don’t sense you or see you through walls (which would be an example of bad AI).

Thats a way of the tactic…
Two Hunters attack this guy…
He jumps behind a pillar…
The Hunters go in opposite directions…
They eventualy see the guy an proceed to pwn him…

What I would like to see is “blind fire”
So the combine would attempt to get close with suppressive fire then move up…
Also i would like it if they would get “scared” of your fire
(i.e You fire a few rounds at them and they go “Oh ****” and duck in cover)
Maybe prone position adds even more to accuracy?
Combine helicopter that doesnt just “sit” there…
if anyone can make this i would give them a substantial payment in melons!

You want them to take cover? Open up Hammer, and add info_node_hints. Set the hints to Crouch Cover Low.

There ya go.

Yeah, the problem with cover is that the AI isn’t really that dynamic and has to use special nodes to do special actions. I think dynamic cover would be really hard to do.