Better Combine?

I’ve been constantly annoyed at how weak the combine are. I’m sick of pistol wielding citizens being able to easily kill even the most elite combine soldiers. Is there any way that I can get the combine to have stats identical to that of rebel/citizen NPCs, so that I can finally have a fair fight?

There was an NPC proficency tool on these forums somewhere. It allowed players to set the proficency of NPCs to be either really good, or really shit. Strangely though, it is not anywhere on these forums (A conspiracy me thinks). But I still have it, so I could send it to you if you wish

I do wish it very much. Thank you for your generous offer.

EDIT: If anyone else has opinions or suggestions, I am open to them.

“skill 3” in console, without quotes of course


Seems to have some effect atleast

The console command doesn’t seem to work. In a 6V6 battle, combine-AR2s VS. Citizens-smg1, the citizens win flawlessly every time. Also, I have never recieved any more news about this ‘‘NPC proficiency’’ mod that was suggested in the second post.

EDIT: Well, I was able to solve the problem myself with a little more searching. Here is a mod currently on that allows you to tweak the AI’s health. I found that setting of the Citizens to 5 and the combine to 200 is about balanced, and 6V6 battles can go either way.

Ahem. There is a better addon for this. It also has different difficulty levels and options such as hl2 moving speed and such.

Thanks! This is a better fix than the first one. Instead of making it harder to kill the combine, this just makes them more accurate. Almost exactly what I was looking for.

Remember to set HL2 moving speeds so you dont shift around like on steroids aka default Gmod style.