better debuging?

is there a program out there that i can use to debug my lua without starting up gmod and crap? it takes too long! gmod is great but i think we need a new way for debugging our code.

Load small maps and unmount all addons that are unneeded, there is no way to test your code with the GMod functions without GMod.

ok then maby someone should make something like a plugin for notepad ++ for the debugging. thanks though :smiley:

You can’t make such a plugin due to functions being missing, for example if you’d use a function from wire the plugin would say the test failed because the function is invalid.

ok thanks anyway

make your own dedi on your local pc, it loads the whin 3 seconds, whitout the need to start hole Gmod.

I used to have a plugin that checked for lua errors (worked with gmod lua as well) I can’t remember who made it but I think it was ja_cop.

All I had to do was press a button and it would compile it in a command prompt window and say any errors. Was very useful.

:open_mouth: found it! Want me to upload?

I have no idea how to use it. Hopefully someone can figure it out. I can’t remember how I set it up.

ja_cop did make this sorry if you didn’t want it uploaded I will take it down if you want, it is a very useful tool.

Ah, just checking the syntax works yea, but you never know if it completely works until you test it in GMod (Missing functions, using bools in strings or w/e).


I did the same a while ago. :smile:

put it in your C drive,

open CMD

type: luasyntax.exe FILENAME.lua -version gmod

However, include doenst work in it sadly :frowning:

wow thank you all this has been so helpful :slight_smile: