Better drink bottles.Milk,coke.

Can anybody help me make better drink bottles for garry mod.Half-lfie 2 there’s alot of bottles but mostly they are dirty.Isn’t that nice.there’s aredy a milk model in half-life 2.But that models looks very dirty.I hope some one can make better drink bottles.

Some one reply please

Reply plzzzz

Get Portal. Theres a milk carton thats clean. Happy?

ok thanks.i go and take a look at it


how about other models ?Coke beer.Im also looking for clean beer.To make in my comic

Css has clean beer models. They are just wrapped. Bloocobalt also made a molotov model from L4D2 without its tissue, so it looks like beer.

Im also looking for water bottles.I need a water bottle model.Inside has water not only blank bottle.There’s aredy models of water bottles but inside is all blank.

Plz reply

Try looking at garry’s or fps banana, if they don’t have anything it shouldn’t be too difficult to do, just need a high res reskin, I was actually thinking about this too, a few days ago. I’ll see what I can do.

Damn it I saw a reskin of all the HL2 junk, to make it look clean. I cant find it right now and I have to go.
Search in models or models releases for “Clean HL2 Junk” I guess. I know its out there. ?

Not the one I’m thinking of Jason but just as good!

Beer Bottles - Counter Strike Source.
Water Bottle - Counter Strike Source.
Coke Bottles - GTA4 Pack (by camelot, the bottle is named “sprunk”)
Milk Cartons - Portal.

Ok thanks