Better Female Models

I am OK with having different types of men and women in the game - older, bigger, smaller, different races, etc. Still, this is a video game and everything in it is art. I think they can improve the female models.

Here are female models that look better in my opinion than what we have now:
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I messed up and linked the wrong image. I thought the URL would let you see them all. Here are some of the images:

And to see them all, scroll to the bottom of this article and click on any image:

As a lot of Feminists would say, “That’s an unrealistic expectation of women and beauty”.
The current ones are closer to the average weight of women (at least when you’re talking about the average weight of women in the US).

Your suggestion isn’t bad, it just seems a bit unnecessary since the only real difference is the waistline/hips and upper torso’s weight, which is currently OK.

I don’t think the average size and shape of women is the best way to choose the models. There is a reason all the men in Rust are thin, when the “average” adult male is not. The models in Rust will never have the diversity that real humans have, and they don’t need to be perfect. Ultra-realism is not something we want in Rust (having to sleep, go to the bathroom, eat the correct amount like real humans, getting colds, dental problems, etc.).

The woman in the images I linked is not that different than many women I see every day. It is the fashion magazines and the violence against women in video games that Feminists are more concerned about. In term of body image in video games, Rust has never made women look super-sexualized or put them in a weak role. I would agree with the body image argument if the women in Rust had super-sexualized barbie bodies.

There should be a balance between realism and attractiveness. I think H1Z1 did it pretty well.

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This is a good point. Still, I think they should improve them.

There are no arrows to click on to see the other images. Tried opening the link in both Chrome and Firefox. So I will just comment on the first one. To me this model looks more masculine in the face then Tom’s model. Also the knees and calves have stylized proportions which wouldn’t fit the art style of Rust, imo. I would rather see what Tom creates next.

oh to hell with the feminists. i’m so tired of hearing that argument every single time.
I’m a woman, and i don’t look like that, i don’t look like what you call an average woman. I have boobs and ana ass, and yes i have a waist. so please. give my female boobs and a pretty face!

I had the wrong image linked, but now edited the OP. For example, this:

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