Better Fire Tool?

I want to know if someone can make a tool that ignites a prop/npc when you click on it. Some things about it:

-When the prop/ragdoll touches another prop/ragdoll for more than 3 seconds, the second prop/ragdoll will ignite
-If the prop/ragdoll is FULLY submerged in water, the fire goes out.
-If the prop gibs, the gibs act just like normal props (example 1)

Is this kinda what you are looking for?

Does it go out when put into water?

Here is a newer fire mod.

It’s more realistic, more efficient, etc. and yes, it will go out in water.

It is passive and will affect all fires that happen in the game. Heat rises so if you put a headcrab on a spitroast he might light on fire - be careful!