Better Game Engine

Would it be possible for the devs to migrate Rust to a different engine? Unity was good, but there are way better options. I just saw this on Steam, and I thought it would be a good choice for Rust.
What are your thoughts on switching engines? Any other engines that might work well for Rust?

So you just thought it would be good for Rust because it looked cool? Switching engines isn’t that easy especially when you are using something like Unity that has its own workflow and is more than likely using a different language to the engine you linked.

An engine is a tool, it doesn’t make the game. Unity is a very clean engine you get out of it what you put in, a game that has time put into it doesn’t feel like a “Unity Game” In the way that games may feel if they are made in say Unreal Engine.

Basically it’s a stupid idea, there are no benefits whatsoever.

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Disclaimer: I have never played Rust I just saw this in the read section. But from the videos I have seen the game doesn’t look like it has any of the cheap unity game tropes.

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Unity is actually a pretty great engine. In fact, it’s awesome

and you do realize they would have to scrap a HUGE FUCKLOAD amount of work and do an additional shitload of work as well?

just because there are a ton of shitty unity slenderman “horror” remakes doesn’t make it a shit engine. It’s perfect for Rust.

game engines can be moded and tailored to better fit a new game. They don’t need to change to a new one, they can just rewrite the one they have.

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True with most engines but Unity can’t really be changed it’s closed source unless you pay a fuck ton of money to license a source version. Garry may have but I doubt it there isn’t much reason to as far as I can tell.

It’s not a restrictive engine so there aren’t really any reasons to change anything in the first place.

Well if you don’t want to add anything new to the game and just keep it as an alpha. But for the released game I expect to see a map that is 100 times bigger, allot of character customisations and a fuck ton more stuff in general. And no one that does not work with the games know if it can handle that.

Given that Rust has made FP over $1million and it’s not even out of alpha I doubt Garry has any issue with shelling out for the Unity source

As most of the Community Members said. Unity could look really crappy right now, but it’s an amazing Engine for Rust, just because you think it’s a shit right now it doesnt mean that i will be on the future.

You just need to think this: Engines and Game Graphics can be enchanced with further inspection and Developing.

I mean they already have the level of access to do something like that, assuming they aren’t using built in Unity scenes. The problem then becomes the fact that you need bigger servers so you can forget about player hosted servers, that would never happen the game runs on player servers as far as I can tell.

I also have no doubts that they would shell out the cash for the source, I just don’t think they have reason too, but what do I know.

Rust has already made them millions (literally).

Doubt money is any issue, and the devs seem to really like Unity so far.

Search youtube for the forest game. Rust could look like this or better on unity

Would require you to switch game genre to.

not only that but look at Day One: GI

worst case scenario possible. Unplayable in any way AT ALL. Worse than you would expect for even a bad alpha and that’s it in it’s release

engine? Unreal. It’s an extremely good engine. Maybe not perfect, but look at the good games it’s made.

Compared to a lot of other engines, it’s lacking terribly, unless it grows with the game, but I doubt that will happen, however unless they push it in their favor, but even then I’m doubting the abilities of Unity at this point.

Don’t know much about Unity. But can someone link me to some other big games made with it?

whats with the souce sdk of halfe life, isnt that free to use or something?

With the way Rust is now, there is no way in hell the Source engine would be worth the move to.

Half-life is a completely different type of game. Also, BSPs are very different from model based maps.