Better Icons

Some of the icons on the site are AWFUL. I was wondering whether anyone could improve on what’s there?

I updated my scripts with new icons.

Bouncy Ball:

Small Bouncy Balls:

Manhack Welder:

I’m not saying these are perfect, but they look a lot better as icons than random pictures found on google images.

So, this thread is to ask for help with your icons, to suggest new icons for people’s entities or show off your new improved icons and get feedback.

This is all so cool! Can we add a system where you can add an icon to ones that don’t have one, and the person that made it can change it if they don’t like it. Mind you, some idiots would just make penises all the icons. Maybe have a moderator or vote system? Also, the icons layout feels like I’m deleting and moving apps with an iphone, I like it, thou it’d be cool if you could just bring up a panel in game and edit. AND FURTHERMORE, can we get someone teaching us how to script these things? Like scripts for nubz or something. You could even add a like and dislike for the icons!

opinions shared

There is actually only one picture from google in your screenshot!?

I think actual screenshots might be better for newcomers, etc.
Some Photoshopping on screenshots would be fine I guess.

I like these simple images. They look good. Can we have a background template of just the gradient blue so we can make our own similar icons? Personally, I’d colour mine to fit their task - blue for neutral entites, green for helpful/superpower/healing items, red for bombs/explosives/weapons etc.

Do you really need a template to draw a blue gradient?

I like the idea of kinda submitting possible icons for them, and the author can pick whichever he likes the most, I’d like to design them for the icon-less ones.

Whats the res in pixels? I might be able to make some.

  1. Learn to check in image editing software


Here’s one I made for the Earth Shaker, makes more sense than the modified M4





Manhack Welder icon looks like a Pylon :3:

I’m no graphics designer, and these are kind of horrible. Can anyone make/suggest something better?

We must construct additional Manhack Welders!

By the way - when I posted this I didn’t expect you to try to make identical icons with the exact same colours as mine :frowning:

I think they’re pretty rad looking. Different colors would be nicer though.

I think the colours look nice in blue… instead of lots of random colours that would just look messy

I made it Green for weapons, Blue for non-weapons.

Is there any reason why in-game screenshots are bad? They would look OK if done like the default entity/weapon/NPC icons.

The problem with screenshots is that they’re not icons.

When you’re looking to spawn something fast - you can’t quickly tell the difference between 10 screenshots. Your brain doesn’t work like that.

Blue is quite generic, as is white. I’d like to see some multi-coloured gradiant backgrounds. Perhaps even an outline repeated inwards with several different colours.