Better idea for the steam marketplace!

Ok so the idea that is being planned is TERRIBLE. Now I HATE the fact that there is confusion and I keep seeing the Devs say things like “Don’t worry we aren’t trying to make it pay2win” and idiocies like that. The problem is that this will RUIN the game. Not having to collect blueprints when you join a new server will completely ruin the entire point to start over on a new server. Being able to trade a blueprint to a friend and them being able to just make it would be SUCH a bad idea.

Now after seeing this idea and talking to friends I actually came up with a better idea where you can still use steam market place AND they can even make money off of us WITHOUT RUINING THE GAME.

Imagine if other then blueprints there were aesthetic plans. A plan where you are able to make your walls look different or make armor look different. This would make it so that your base would stand out. This would make it so you can have customized uniforms for your friends by mixing and matching skins while not having to loose any of the higher stats. These purely aesthetic plans wouldn’t change development of a character just how things they make look. Just because you have a plan to make a green kevlar helmet doesn’t mean you can make one on a new character just that when you can it will be green. There can be an in game menu or in the crafting menu a list of skins you can use. This would make it so you can send the plans for the green kevlar helmet to your friend over the market place so he can make a green instead of black helmet while you are gone so he can be recognized easily.

I think this would be a really fun idea, and if you have played on modded servers you know how cool skins can be. I personally wouldn’t even mind if they sold skins and stuff just so long as it doesn’t change stats and is purely aesthetic.

i think you have misunderstood what has been said by the devs.

you find modifiers to standard blueprints. you can trade/sell those modifiers in the marketplace. to use them, you still need to find the standard blueprint that corresponds with the modifier.

so you find a “jeans” modifier blueprint. this can be sold/traded, or just used. but to use it in game, you still have to find the “leather pants” blueprint, or whatever corresponds to the “jeans” blueprint you own on the current server.

your idea is basically what this could achieve.

you are contributing to the confusion by stating things which are not true at all. Pls inform yourself before posting false statements. This should help you to understand the current idea:

Well then. They need to stop referring to them as “Blueprints” or clarify on the posts better that they are cosmetic blueprints. All this time they have just been saying to the public “We want to make blueprints be in your inventory instead.” instead of saying “We want to add aesthetic blueprints that are in your inventory”. Someone really needs to devote just an entire section to expalining that in the next dev blog maybe labled “MARKETPLACE BLUEPRINTS ARE ONLY AESTHETIC!”

You should try reading the last devblog before you ask him to write devblogs.

well to kick the dead horse a little, i believe there were minor stat differences planned for the modifiers, within balance. whether the mass freakout will entirely remove that part and leave us with purely aesthetic “global” modifiers/blueprints, i don’t know.

as for clarification, many people have had a kneejerk reaction to the whole thing, and as such there are many different attempts by the devs to clarify it…which may have actually made it worse, because people are using minor differences in wording between the sources (reddit, devblog, forums) to justify a lack of trust in the developers.

i think my standpoint is best covered by “if they wanted to fuck us, they would have left us with legacy and ran away to the Bahamas. instead they have spent time rewriting this game to match its potential and our desires…”