Better key customization for running

I spend most of the time running. For all of this time I have to keep two buttons pressed.

I’d like to have a toggle run on or off. Alternately, swap running and walking and press shift to walk.


You only have to hold your direction button, shift only for a brief moment then you can release it and your guy will still run

sounds simple and nice. In dayz you can toggle almost anything by pressing the key twice. I wanna be able to at least toggle running and sprint.

bind both run and forward to w and bam, autorun;)

Hold shift for about 3 seconds and sprint will be locked untill you stop pushing W.

I don’t know why I haven’t done what mrknifey suggests. Why aren’t we all just sprinting all the time? It doesn’t seem to affect metabolism (yet)

trying to think of a downside to doing th- oh yeah sneaking. fuck.

i gave up on sneaking;)

I appreciate that they added the 3 second shift run a few months back. But honestly, I’d rather just see have a key toggle run on and off like a multitude of other games out there. Not sure why FP chose this rather strange way of doing it.

Indeed. It could also be considered as balancing to add toggleable keys for certain actions, since a lot of players tend to use macros. I got my own macros set up for everything important when I’m just too lazy… Press of a key, and I’m harvesting/running/sneaking, whatever needed.

We need autorun in the game. It is just bad design not to have it, since we spend so much time running in Rust. Pressing only one key does not help me - it’s just as bad as pressing two. We need to be able to toggle run on - without having to download some 3rd party hack to do this.

I downloaded a sweet third party hack. its called these pieces of metal i keep by my keyboard. if i wanna take a toke, i just put said metal on the desired keys. voila

Actually doesn’t affect sneaking at all anyway lol.

Autorun is still possible:

Here you go. :slight_smile:

not sure on that. animals seem far more alert when i approach them than they used to lol

Crouch walking is completely silent now. Sneaking is unaffected by the sprint button trick.

agree we would like to have toggle sprint and toggle crouch, thanks