Better looking Crab/Mortar Synth Model?

Hello. I was looking through the Half-Life 2 models some time ago, but always wondered what the Crab Synth (Or Mortar Synth) would have looked like if Valve completed their models and possibly made a ragdoll for them.

Would it be okay for me to request a ragdoll of the Crab Synth, with possibly a more realistic look to the model? I would appreciate it a lot if there are any takers. :smile: If possible, a better looking Mortar Synth would be great as well.

Crab Synth Model: models/Synth.mdl
Mortar Synth Model: models/MortarSynth.mdl

This is the Crab Synth, with minigun deployed (the gun is concealed behind a plate in its belly):

This is the Mortar Synth, the projection on its back was to be used to fling projectiles:

I’ll fully understand if no one wants to do this, I respect Modellers a lot- just looking at Blender made me feel disorientated. Thanks again. :v:
If you need more information on my request, I will provide it. Basically I would like a ragdoll of the Crab Synth (And Mortar Synth if possible) with a improved look to the model.

I know it might be a while but Valve will probably make better versions of them for future Half Life games since they actually appeared in HL2, right? (I can understand that you don’t want to wait for Valve Time)

Episode 1 and 2 had minor changes to some models, other wise they were completely the same. 25% chance nothing will be different.

I think they were put in that scene of the Citadel just to show how there is more to the Combine than Gunships and Striders.
Theres a chance of them appearing in Episode Three, but it would still be nice to have a more high-res model of them. :3:
That is, if anyone is willing to do it.

Did anyone besides me ever notice its head looked like an antlions?

But the thing is that Valve would probably make them better if you actually fight them or they appear in action. Don’t forget that Valve probably wouldn’t make an extremely nice model for something you only get a small glimpse at for a relatively short amount of time.

Hmm, I suppose you have a point. I just hope it will be in, the Mortar Synth looks nice but it could be better.

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Slightly related, it was to have a charge attack like a Antlion Guard- with animations. Would hurt more as well.

Why would it charge like the antlion guard? it has a gun on it belly

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also a new model isnt needed. maybe just a good high-res retexture and ragdoll it.

Interesting…a scifi creature, that is supposed to look realistic…

Tell me, what you have been smoking?

Because sometimes something can get too close to for it to use the gun?

If you look at it’s animations in the Source SDK model viewer, you will find that it has animations for idle, walking, and charging. :smile:
The gun is only exposed while it is walking, from what I can discern.

I did not make this but