Better Looking Photos!

Ive just finished a pose and i took a photo, sadly it is very low resolution, and kinda blury!

Is there a console command to improve the quality and maybe make it a png?

drop this into your autoexec

//========= Credits = Quantuam VTX, Facepunch, 1/4 Life(For most of the code) ============//
// Purpose: Ultimate Team Fortress 2 quality Config.
// If you have a quad core CPU, add "-threads 4" as a launch option.
// If you have an octo core, or a quad core with hyperthreading (i7, Core 2 Extreme) add "-threads 8" as a launch option.
// If you have a DX10 GPU, add "+mat_dxlevel 98" as a launch option to enable DX10 mode. This can be used on XP. ONLY USE THIS IN TEAM FORTRESS 2! DO NOT USE THE -DXLEVEL LAUNCH OPTION!
bind f8 devshots_screenshot
echo Executing Autoexec.cfg...
 sv_cheats 1
// Material Quality (Lowers FPS Somewhat)
mat_picmip -100 //"Ultra High" textures.
cl_new_impact_effects 1

cl_detaildist 4200
cl_detailfade 1600
mat_mipmaptextures 0

cl_forcepreload 0

rate 30000
cl_smooth 1

jpeg_quality 140 //Better quality screenshots with F5.
r_lod 0
r_worldlights 5000
r_shadowcolor 75 75 75
r_shadowdist 500
r_shadowmaxrendered 100
mat_parallaxmap 1
viewmodel_fov 48
c_maxdistance 800
cl_phys_props_max 2000
mat_forcedynamic 1

sv_cheats 1

cl_new_impact_effects 1 is for usage with an addon. afaik it doesn’t have a purpose without it. You can get it here though if you want it – it replaces the impact effects with particles: makes firefights way cooler.

Jpeg_quality caps at 100, so anything more is ueseless. It saves a jpeg, so automatically there’s going to be compression which may or may not be a problem. For higher quality screenshots, just use “screenshot” (it saves it in to an uncompressed format that isn’t jpeg)