Better .mdl extractor than Crowbar?

Pretty much the topic question.

Is there a more efficient way to extract all data from a .mdl (specifically the gmod animation .mdl files) than using crowbar?

Crowbar is the best you’re going to get GUI wise. Other than that, you can extract straight from the studiomdl command-line.

Studiomdl is the program that was made by Valve to compile models, it can’t decompile them.

And besides, what’s wrong with Crowbar? The developer is an ass but the tool itself is great.

Yeah, I am currently trying to decompile it with mdldecompliler but it can’t get past the m_anm.ani file so it breaks and crashes.

With studiocompiler right now it wont even start because of the “side-by-side” error.

I’ll look into studiomdl now.

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Whelp, nevermind. lol

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to decompile .ani files right now.

Crowbar was planning to get .ani support but it became de facto abandonware before that feature was implemented.

Anyone, or possibly you, SergerantJoe, know a possible way to correctly extract all animations from m_anm.mdl (which would be the same for f_anm.mdl) so that it can recompile properly if they were edited?

Do you have all the other files related to the mdl file? IIRC I was able to get some stuff out when everything else was in the same folder.

What do you mean? I’m not sure if there are any other files, it’s just the default garry’s mod male animations for players (m_anm.mdl) it’s the only one. Extracted from the gmod_000dir or whatever that file was called.

Look through this thread, it’s literally about the same exact topic.

EDIT: Wait a minute, you were the one that posted that thread! Why did you make this one if you already have your answer?

The answer didn’t work, sorry, I thought I was asking it wrong. I need to post a picture of what I’m trying to do.

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People are very confused when I say “saving the location of an animation bone”.

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Damnit I posted the images in the wrong post.

I’ve never personally had any problems with Zeq. He’s much older than the rest of us and has a family, so he’s generally far busier than the rest of us. He’s usually pretty nice. The only thing that upsets me regarding Crowbar is that it’s a tad overrated. So many people seem to see it as a godly tool that just does absolutely everything and it tends to keep a lot of people from actually looking further into learning these things for themselves.

Anyway, you really shouldn’t use a decompiler to extract animation files. You can actually use mdldecompiler to extract animation models after a small hex edit, but the real problem is that it’s more than just a bunch of animations. Animation sets in Source are created from all sorts of blends and macros so that the animations work properly with one another. These are used for compiling as opposed to running the model so decompilers probably couldn’t pick it up even if they tried and it isn’t their fault. The animation sets Max rebuilt for GMod 12 – which are the sets used currently – were released and were posted in the previous thread. Here’s the link again:

This is the source for the animation set you were requesting. I’m not sure what more we can provide for you.

I’m just no sure what to do with all those animations from that link, how do I compile them into one whole source for a player model?

There’s QCs at the bottom for the male set, female set, and zombie set. You compile those as you would any other model using studiomdl.

I’ll give it a try then, thanks!

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Just a few questions about the compiled animations:

Is there a tutorial on how to make a compiled animation list for all neccesary player animations in one (Including setup for the Lua file?)?

How do I know which ones to use?

Do you still need all the qci’s in the male_player_animations qc?

What is it you’re even trying to do exactly?

In this picture you can see the first IMAGE ONE the hand is distorted, this is the default ragdoll for the male NPC and player animations. Some animations aren’t bad, but the reason it looks like this and the rest of the body is fine is because the wrist, fingers, and hand bones (the circles) are all saved by location. Location frames that is, where they were edited and saved to for memory during the animation. NOT ALL Animations are bad, they are very subtle. To get rid of the distortion (IMAGE TWO) I simply delete the saved memory of the locations suggested by another user by editing the animation files through notepad ++. This method worked flawlessly, IMAGE THREE is just a side-by-side comparison. The only problem is that when extracting from m_anm.mdl not all the animation MDLS were extracted or can be, so when recompiling with the same QC provided from the extraction, I can’t re-compile and be done.

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The hand bone animations work very smoothely when the location saves are removed, further more it is ONLY these like ~12 bones (on each arm) that ONLY have saved locations in their animations, NO OTHER BONES DO! Which is very annoying and difficult to understand WHY they do for each frame.

The alternative solution is to extract the m_anm.mdl’s (animations) edit them so the location save data of those specific bones are set to 0 (which are three different numbers that I found out) and the animations play perfectly without distortion. The only problem after extracting all the .smd animations from m_anm.mdl is that they don’t recompile back with the same QC because many are missing. Try it yourself to see what I’m saying, it takes like 10 seconds to do.

I apologize but I don’t really follow. The hand is distorted or something. Is it the wrist, ie helper bones?

It’s all good, it was just an example of a “before and after” of what I’m trying to accomplish. You know your proportions method? It’s very similar to that, but only in adjusting the hand bones and wrist join on every animation for the gmod skeleton.

The best solution to this is just figuring out how to make a QC file to include all neccesary male and female animations for a model. Is there a list that basically says "These are the only animations you need for a player model: just include “examples”. That I could look at and just make a custom QC file/.mdl full of those animations to get a working customized gmod animation selection?

/sigh sorry this is all so confusing. Since I can’t figure out the proportions method through blender this is the easiest way I can think of after about 4 months of no work on gmod. ):

Just wondering, does anyone know a tutorial on how to make a compiled animation list for player models/nps models ?