Better nitrous-networks or daemonservers ??


I want buy a garry’s mod server, but i dont know who is better, nitrous-networks or daemonservers ?
Please dont tell to buy dedicated server or other things, need only to know if nitrous-networks is better of daemonserver and viceversa.


nitrous network:
deamon server:

p.s= i want to install them, darkRP and Clockwork.

Nitrous networks was laggy and crashy when my community went with them, it was a 32-slot TTT server so if you want RP, normally large slot servers, you may want to go into daemon servers as I have heard good things about there support and servers. Hope that helps.

I used Daemonservers for awhile they were pretty good, staff was pretty involved and would help out. Hell he let me keep my server up for a day or two because I forgot to put money on my card to pay for the server.

Cool, i think i will buy deamon

Use, Daemon sucks, Slow support -_-

I used many including them 2 and vps I would go for nitrous-networks they do everything they can to help you. Good support.

Daemonservers all the way., 100% i have a server there Fast support if you server been DDos it wil come up again in 20 min :smile:

nitrous networks defiantly

and they are getting 15GB protection, 10 times the ammount of any other company. Dont believe me? go read there blogm, or contact them.

Good suppport, no problems.

I dislike them both, in all honesty.

Nitrous got alright servers but mostly unstable when I had mine there, though their prices are nice.
Deamon has great servers but the support can take VERY LONG time sometimes, which is annoying when something critical happen.

I wouldn’t go with either of them.

nitrous networks install everything for you, like DARKRP, Daemon dont do that.

Nitrous network is so much better

I have had both server hosters over my time, Nitrous, although they have good specks are getting DDOS’d to shit atm. Although this would improve on a dedi (unless the DDoS’s where targeting you specifically not just the old general IP) we’ve found that the support is often clueless or clumsy. They re-istalled my server to fix a mounting issue that A) I asked them not to re-install B) didn’t even need one as I fixed it myself. I spent the next 4 hours re-uploading and re-doing anything that we had lost. No compensation was offerd. Although Daemon Servers are very slow at responding to customer support they know what they’re doing and offer a good and fast service. Nitrous are painfully bad. Atm my server is with PPP and we’re getting an ok connection although we have been getting DDoS’d to the realms of unicorns and back. We pay £15 a month for a 32-slot gmod TTT serr h air ammount of custom stuff, and when we’re not ng DDOS’d some kiddo the seer has a very smooth connection.If you’re interested the server is called Titan Servers. Nott an advertisment, just for those that want to see the kind of connection we’re getting. Hope it helps.

Yeah go with Nitrous Networks, they are getting a new server system that is AMAZING, it will hav lots of ddos protection and i asked if it would could more and they said it would probably cost clients less!!! :smiley:

Please read above, trust me NN are less than satisfactory, to me this sounds more like an advertisement than a helpfull and informative post. I’ve had experiance with both server hosters and I would NOT recomend NN if you’re seriously considering running a good server/community that doesn’t crash every two mins.