Better player diplomacy

If zombies are getting removed, the game really should focus on better player interaction, which is at the moment worse than DayZ

When you hold “E” while looking at a fireplace a little menu pops up with two options: “Ignite” and “Use.” I think the same menu should pop up when you stand close to a player and hold “E,” only with different options. Some of these options may be:

“Search” - allows you to see what the player is carrying, but not be able to take anything. This would be useful for the people who can’t be trusted to not have a gun hidden somewhere, or for people who are robbing someone. Hopefully a future update will make all guns visible on a person’s model even if they aren’t in his hands

“Mark as Friendly” - gives a little visual cue that this player is a friendly, something like a green diamond on their torso. I know what you’re thinking; immersion and all that, but it isn’t much more immersing for me to have to say “It’s me, I’m the guy jumping” into my mic every time my buddies and I meet up. We all are twins in this game as it currently stands, and we should be able to know who is who - at least from a short distance (~30m)

“Bandage Wounds” - uses a bandage from your inventory to patch up the player

“Use Medkit” - uses a medkit on the player

“Invite to Trade” - safer trade menu where both players will put the items they want to trade in a menu and transfer when both click “agree.” Not sure about this one because it would kind of take away from the atmosphere of Rust so post your thoughts on that

What do you think?

So mostly Dayz elements?

I don’t really like this, to be completely honest. While I understand the game takes a lot of inspirations from DayZ, I feel that adding these all in would essentially make it a clone instead of its own unique game. Marking as friendly, no. This would allow me and my group of bandits to mark each other as friendly, then go out and kill people who are then trusting us. Using medkits on other players? Just drop them some bandages, they can pick them up. Trading? Again, drop things, if you get scammed, you weren’t being careful. Fireplace doesn’t need more interactivity. To add options to it, you would have nothing short of “stick your dick in the fire.” (Ignore this bit, I misread the beginning of your post, but I’ll keep it in since rereading it, I made myself laugh. Pathetic, I know.) Search players? Just kill them and find out what they got. That’s about it.

Bandaging and healing other players were the only things on my list also present in DayZ, and I think most of us can agree that those features should be a given in Rust. Healing isn’t really a “dayz element” either, it is ubiquitous to most team-based games… to name a few, L4D2, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Battlefield.

EDIT in reply to jonnymad

I was a little unclear on that, I mean it so that only you can see the player as friendly. Other players cannot tell that you have marked someone else as friendly, only you can

That’s the ideology that turned Rust into a KoS fuckfest… I want to be able to trust someone by knowing they won’t pull a gun on me. When I’m holding someone up at gunpoint I want to be able to tell them “drop those rad pills you’re carrying.” In addition to this feature being realistic (we visually should be able to see what people are carrying) it would promote friendlier play styles.

Even if it’s only marking for your own purposes, it just does not feel right in this game. Regarding the KoS, it’s not going to stop no matter what, people will still do it anyway.


The only thing I would be potentially for is being able to search players. Everything else can be done without, but bandits should be able to have more options rather than just murder. I think hold-ups would make things more interesting personally…So, yea…not really for anything but the search a player option…

Garry said something about adding the ability to open up a player’s inventory like a chest to loot from at some point, if my memory serves correctly.

If anyone disagrees with this, here’s something to think about, the confederate states had to design a separate combat flag for battles because they were attacking their own troops so if history teachs us anything it’s that spotting friendlies on sight is a good thing cause if you can’t you’re gonna have a bad time…


I think they mean a more warz/infestation type of thing, no matter if there in a building in a open field they wil have a little ^ above there had so you always know there friendly no matter where they are.
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I have no Problems with this Option if this is a friend of you.If you try it on an random Guy in the most of all he will hold his gun in your face.Thats my Experience :wink: