Better pyro phys without backpack in bodygroupchanger.

I have some problems. In tf2 better phys pack I can’t remove pyro’s backpack. I need his better model with better phys.Can you help me, please?(Sorry for bad English)

That doesn’t sound right, the *.PHY models shouldn’t affect the bodygroups of the models. Try changing the Bodygroup to “3”, and the Subgroup to “1” and see if that removes the backpack. If that doesn’t work, delete the VTX, VVD and MDL files for “player/pyro”.

And your English isn’t really that bad.

I was trying that. It doesn’t work. I am not dumb idiot who don’t know about bodygroup changer. I tried that with simple tf2 model and it work. But simple models are bad for posing.

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And I don’t have VTX in that pack

Sorry, I was just making sure. I’ve seen way too many others who don’t know how to use the Bodygroup STool.

So in that case, if the bodygroups work without the “better physics” pack installed, then there may be something else conflicting with the Pyro’s model. Maybe try extracting the Pyro’s files from the GCF except for the *.PHY file, and put them in your “garrysmod/garrysmod/models/player” folder.

(EDIT: And if that still doesn’t work, I can compile a Pyro model for ya that’s missing its backpack by default.)

It because pack with that models are old and the same thing with heavy deus ex hand bodygroup. I can give you link for that pack and if you can make something with pyro and heavy models here it is:

Aaah, I see, they’re hexed models. That would explain it. So yeah, that would require a new model, then. Gimme a bit and I’ll set it up for you.

Thank you :blush:

And here they are. Cripes, GMod was taking forever to load for me.

Yeah. Exactly that I was keep in mind. Thank you)