Better Rigged Citizens

As everyone knows, citizen models are shit to pose with. That’s a given. But it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

The problem (or at least, my problem) with citizen models is that they have no flexible shoulders. Their arms sit hinged at a place on their shoulders and makes it extremely difficult to pose them folding their arms or shrugging. It also looks like crap when they hang down or behind and the shoulder literally sinks into the model. Urgh.

However, Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead have character models with flexible shoulders, giving you the ability to cleaning raise their arms straight up and down, fold their arms realistically, and do other cool stuff.

I am requesting that someone attempt to make a better rigged citizen model (For both male and female and possibly rebels, too) with more flexible shoulders.

If you’re not sure what I mean, snag a model from the two categories above and see what happens when you raise their arms. That is all.

Use Nexus’s physics.

Doesn’t the player models of the citizens have flexible shoulders?

what do you mean by that sir

His physics are more flexible and easier to pose.