Better rigged husks (ME1/2)

Yep, I request a better rigged husk ragdoll from either ME1 or ME2 (they look rather alike, but ME2’s ones are “more evolved”). In case you don’t know what a husk is, these creepy motherfucking space cyborg zombies:

S-LOW already ported one, but it is really really bad.

That it is, at some point I was gonna redo the joint constrains on the physmodels of the ME stuff, but i’ve yet to get round to them (as with alot of things). Hopefully someone else will do it, so I don’t have to :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tried slapping Gaina’s physics on them and it actually worked. Though, if someone could be arsed to actually port the ME2 ones, it would be great.

Gaina’s Physics? Where can you get this physmodel?